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Class of '17 Graduation

Graduation '17

Congratulations to all of our students who graduated this year! The graduation ceremony took place on Saturday May 20th 2017, at the Hotel Le Meurice in the heart of Paris. Combining exceptional 18th century opulence with contemporary chic, Le Meurice embodies the perfect French palace hotel.

Every year for graduation we invite artists, curators and professionals in the art world to speak at the Commencement Ceremony. This year, we were proud to invite Anne Cartier-Bresson as the Commencement Speaker.

Anne Cartier-Bresson is the general curator and the director of the ARCP (City of Paris Photographic Conservation and Restoration Workshop) since its creation in 1983. She received her Ph.D in Art History at the Université Paris-1 (specialized in contemporary arts, historical research and techniques), and graduated with a Master’s degree in Sciences and Techniques in Conservation-Restoration of Cultural Property and after receiving her Undergradute Degree of History and Archaeology at the same university. Cartier-Bresson has published numerous articles and contributed to various works about history, photographic techniques and conservation methods. Since 1994, she carries out exhibition curating functions in Parisian or international photographic collections. She is an administrator of the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation, and of the French Society of Photography.

We wish our graduates the best in their future careers and studies!