fbpx Climate Change Action Theatre — PCA

PCA Faculty, Cathrine Winsnes hosts the Climate Change Action Theatre


Cathrine Winsnes will be hosting a private Climate Change Theatre Action event in her studio.

You are invited to come and participate in a “cold-read”!

What is a “cold-read”?

Participants will be asked to read out loud a given part in a “Climate Change” short play  –  without having read it before – while drinking a glass of wine (quite important!) and having a pot-luck “apéro-dinatoire”. Wine will be provided.

It is thought provoking, but also fun and friendly and the plays are great!

Climate Change Action Theatre is a WORLDWIDE series of readings and performances of short climate change plays presented October 1-November 18, to coincide with the UN COP23 meeting. Fifty playwrights from around the world were commissioned to write one to five-minute plays.

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