SCMP Design Office Started a Residency at the Atelier de Paris

Studio portrait by Alexandra de Cossette

Faculty Sébastien Cluzel and his SCMP Design Office (led by himself & Morgane Pluchon) have recently started a residency at the innovative design incubator the Atelier de Paris.

SCMP DESIGN OFFICE is a French design firm led by Sébastien Cluzel, who teaches Materiality and Furniture and Display Design at PCA, & Morgane Pluchon. The two alums of the ESAD (Saint- Etienne) and ECAL (Lausanne) launched their office by basing their approach on two essential values: that design should be for everyone, and that it must remain at the service of the individual. Their design practice extends from lighting to furniture, as well as home accessories, with particular attention to redefining the function of these everyday objects.

At the end of last year, SCMP DESIGN OFFICE completed a collection they had started with the Canadian company Lambert & Fils to create new lighting fixtures (sconces, floor lamps, table lamps, and linear suspension lamps).

This April, they also released a new finish for the Dorval01 model made completely in brass for their Atelier collection. In the last few months, SCMP’s Galta chairs and tables have also been installed in several Parisian hotels and restaurants, such as Le Basile hotel in the 9th arrondissement and Bachir ice cream parlors in Rambuteau and Montmartre. In June, they will be unveiling a new line of coffee tables to complement the Galta collection for Kann.

Lastly, both Sébastien and Morgane have started a residency at the innovative design incubator the Atelier de Paris. Their office has been set up on rue du Faubourg St-Antoine for the next one or two years. A virtual open house was organized for the occasion in March, which was also the opportunity to view the work of all the residents.

Visit SCMP DESIGN OFFICE’s website and follow them on Instagram.

Visit the Atelier de Paris’ website.

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Galta chair and table for the brand Kann at Glace Bachir, picture by Elodie Daguin

Dorval01 for Lambert et Fils, picture by Darius Laprise

Galta chair at Le Basile hotel, picture by Elodie Daguin