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Call for Entries: Photo Studio


As part of the event taking place from October 16 to November 18 celebrating photography, Les Rencontres Photographiques du 10e are organizing free photo studios in cultural centers throughout the 10th arrondissement.

The photo studios will be open on November 8 at the Centre Jean Verdier and on November 15 at the Espace Jemmapes.

Families, couples, groups of friends and individuals can all come and get their picture taken in a professional studio free of charge!

Les Rencontres Photographiques du 10e are looking for talented young photographers to be part of this activity!

If you wish to participate, submit a description in groups of two (one photographer and one assistant), of an original family portrait concept, including background designs and the different accessories you would like to include.

The most original projects will be selected to be part of the Photo Studio of the Rencontres Photographiques du 10e and will be carried out by the students themselves. This is a good opportunity to gain photographic experience in a large-scale cultural event.

To apply, send a description of your project as well as 5 photos showing your talent as a photographer to [email protected].