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Dance Workshop, October 1st, 5:30 to 8 pm, PCA Gallery

Valerie Oberleithner

This workshop will introduce tools, practices and techniques of contemporary dance, choreography and improvisation. It will also present the creative and social role of dance by expanding our possibilities of both artistic and personal encounters. Body awareness will be at the core of our activities: changing our body mind-set by moving in space and re-experiencing our forgotten senses. Some exercises will include: changing posture from sitting to moving (re-organizing the body in space and time) changing perception: from open to closed eyes (re-experiencing trust, re-composing relationships). Enforcing our sensorial perception: touch, smell, taste, listen (re-enforcing forgotten senses to widen the field of play in creative art processes). These and other activities will enable us to free a powerful potential which could nourish our artistic practice, create a new access to our work, and make new encounters possible. The workshop is open to all ages and abilities. Please bring comfortable clothes, and shoes. Yoga mats if possible. We will dance, move, breath and sing.

Valerie Oberleithner is an Austrian choreographer and performer living in Paris. Her works concentrate on new forms of collaboration between artists, audience, curators and institutions. She focuses on the transformative potential of performance and on the collective experience it can offer. Valerie works in Belgium, France, Austria and Romania. Her works were shown in various international renowned venues and festivals such as Palais de Tokyo, Paris, ImPulsTanz Festival Vienna, eXplore Festival Bucarest, Working Title Festival Brussels and imagetanz Festival, Vienna. Valerie worked with internationally renowned choreographers and companies such as Jennifer Lacey (FRUS), Oleg Soulimenko (ATRU)), SUPERAMAS (FRAT), Boris Charmatz (FR), Ivana Mueller (FRHR).

Valerie also teaches dance, choreography and composition in Austria, France, and Romania. She obtained a bachelor in contemporary dance (Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität Linz, Austria), and was a receiver of the danceweb scholarship. She studied Literature Science/Philology and media science at the Karl-Franzens University in Graz, Austria.

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