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Design your Library!: Call for Volunteers

Buzz Spector, Unpacking my Library, 1995.

The Liberal Studies Department is launching a call for ideas/volunteers to reorganize and decorate the PCA library space during the summer. This is Session 1 of a series of projects devoted to the reorganization of the library that will evolve in time, according to the needs of the PCA community (Session 2 will take place in spring 2018).

Session 1 – spring 2017

PCA students will have the opportunity to work as a team and in collaboration with Barbara Montefalcone, Chair of Liberal Studies, and Emmanuelle Cospen-Gharibian, Coordinator of the Liberal Studies Department, in order to make the library space more user-friendly and pleasant for the whole of the PCA community.

You can be involved in two ways:

1- By participating in the two meetings devoted to the project:

Tuesday, May 23 (11 am to 12 pm): brainstorming and tasks assignment.

Tuesday, May 30 (10 am to 1 pm): roll up your sleeves and help us classify the books and reorganize the space!

2- By donating your old pieces of furniture: chairs, tables, bookshelves, lamps, armchairs, cushions, rugs and/or paint, brushes, mugs, basket bins.

The call is addressed to all students and faculty members within the PCA community. If you are interested in participating, get in touch with Barbara Montefalcone.

We are counting on you!