Barbara Montefalcone

Barbara Portrait

Chair of Liberal Studies

Literature and art historian specialized in the relationship between modern and contemporary poetry and painting through the tradition of artist’s books.

After studying literature and foreign languages as an undergraduate in Italy, Barbara has pursued her studies abroad attending University of Warwick (UK), Université Lyon 2 (France) and Brown University (USA). Barbara has an MA and a PhD in American studies from Université Lyon 2 and is the author of “The Eye & the Company “a PhD thesis that was partly written under the supervision of Robert Creeley in 2004.

Université Lyon 2, Brown University, Terra Foundation for American Art.

Parsons Paris, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre-La Défense, Université Lyon 3, and Université de Caen. In Paris Barbara also works as an educator for Paris Muse Education Group and is a consultant for the Terra Foundation for American Art Europe.

Publications (selected)
The Art of Collaboration: Poets, Artists, Books. Huston: Cuneiform Press, 2016. « L’art de tisser le temps dans les livres d’artiste d’Elena Berriolo ». Les temps du livre. Paris : PU Nanterre, 2016. « Global Books Anthology: Gervais Jassaud’s limited editions books with Anglophone authors ». Macao: Review of Culture, 2016. « L’écriture sur l’art de Robert Creeley ». Ecrire l’art/Writing art. Paris: Mare & Martin, 2015. « Entering the Edges: Visual and Verbal Languages in Robert Creeley’s Collaborations ». Rodopi, 2011. « Celebrating the Present: Robert Creeley and Marisol Escobar’s Presences». Macerata: EUM, 2009.