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Eurojust Logo Contest Rules - New Deadline


The Eurojust Logo Design Contest has extended its deadline!

Additional updates and clarifications to the logo contest rules have been decided. For all changes, you can refer to the announcement recently published on eurojust.europa.eu here.

All potential candidates are invited to read these clarifications carefully before submitting their proposals.

Note: New deadline for submissions: 27/01/2016

All submissions must be sent to [email protected]with the file name: LOGO2016-EJ- SURNAMENAME by midnight on 27/01/2016. Candidates are recommended to send it their submissions early and not wait till the last hours, as to not risk overloading the system.

1st prize: 7,000 €
2nd prize: 2,000 €
3rd prize: 1,000 €

The ten best entries will also receive a diploma of recognition. The results are expected to be announced early 2016.

Eurojust Logo Contest Announcement

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