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Exhibition "Learning Time" at PCA's La Vitrine

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Klaus Fruchtnis, GPSme, N 45.47656° E 9.18022°

Drawing: the only means of expression when humans did not know how to write nor manifest themselves through other forms of communication.


In collaboration with Art Plateforme, we’ll be exhibiting works in PCA’s La Vitrine from March 26, 2020 onwards. We’re kicking off with four young artists displaying works in the medium of contemporary drawing.

Richard LAILLIER presents a device that brings us closer to an atmospheric imagination that transports us to spaces only reached by this thinking machine: black chalk and charcoal seeks the light of bodies on the black surface. Eventually, this light appears on an irregular surface, giving the drawings a mysterious velvety texture.

Piotr SZUREK gives us an overview of what he looks for in self-portraits throughout his career. Having first been noticed at the International Biennial of Engraving in Cracow in 1988, Szurek currently uses mixed media on paper: paintings and drawings, engraving in aquatint, and primarily and almost obsessively takes self-portraits. “For the past fifteen years, he has drawn and carved his features, tirelessly measuring himself with the only model always at hand and never shying away” moving towards reflections on human-robot interactions.

FleuryFontaine have chosen to feature a project of collaborative dialogue between robot and human, presenting existing spaces in virtual reality. The Parisian artist duo formed by Galdric Fleury and Antoine Fontaine, questions the interactions between humans and their environment through experimenting with information and communication technologies. The restitution of their work takes the forms of installations, performances, as well as digitally generated images. Fleuryfontaine “observes the transition from modernity to algorithmic governance” through archaeology of the cybernetic moment. Theory of knowledge combined with that of Capital is expressed through the metaphor of liquidity – a fantasy shared by adolescents, engineers, and preachers, of a world without losses nor borders, in constant regeneration.

Klaus FRUCHTNIS (PCA’s Associate Dean of Graduate Studies) presents works generated only with tablets: drawings that construct and deconstruct, as well as frame the time-space of what he discovers during his urban walks. His research is focused in the fields of: photography, multimedia, digital drawing, media experimentation, as well as collective and participatory projects that involve art, technology, cultural, social, and political aspects.

Carlos Sanchez Bautista

Check out the exhibit at “La Vitrine” 8 rue Rocroy, 75010 Paris from March 26, 2020.

Also on March 26, join us for the PCA Talk with guests Emilie McDermott and Nour Awada at 18h30 (15 Rue Fénelon, 75010), followed by an opening reception hosted by L’Air Arts, Artists-in-Residence Program.

L’Air Arts residents will be invited to test, play with, and explore analogue and digital drawing tools designed and instructed by our students, led by Chair of Foundation and founder of Drawing is Free Chloe Briggs, and Chair of MA/MFA Drawing Véronique Devoldère.


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