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Faculty SofijaSilvia Introduces her Exhibition: EQUILIBRIUM

Survivor, 2015

Faculty member SofijaSilvia has recently launched her new exhibition, called EQUILIBRIUM, which is displayed at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb.

SofijaSilvia has decided to name her exhibition EQUILIBRIUM, i.e. balance. Why EQUILIBRIUM? Because of the fact that the exhibited photographs, selected among her recent cycles such as Urban Animal (started in 2004), Pulsations (2015), About to Leave (2017), Dust to Dust (2018) or Sound of Water (2019), oppose the idea of a dualist division of our world into ‘nature’ and ‘culture’. By choosing subject matters which defy the anthropocentric logic of the early 21st century society, SofijaSilvia’s photographs underline the idea that the dimensions of the ‘natural’ and the ‘artificial’ are irreversibly and permanently interwoven, and in their connection SofijaSilvia seeks balance.

What distinguishes SofijaSilvia’s photographs from many other artists who inscribe the so-called environmental turn in their vernacular is the fact that SofijaSilvia doesn’t impose her photographic language on nature, her camera doesn’t objectivize it, but rather imitates its rhythms and forms, a process the artist consistently implements in a careful arrangement of the photographs in the display space as well. Opposing the idea of the Judeo-Christian tradition about man being made in the image of God, ruling over all other living creatures, SofijaSilvia creates in her photographs a dynamic field of dialogue between ‘nature’ and ‘culture’, at the same time visually, memorably and elaborately terminating the Cartesian gap between the man and the world.

Visit the website of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb.

The exhibition will last from March 19, 2021 to April 8, 2021.

Curator of the exhibition: Leila Topić.