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Faculty Ianis Lallemand and Soliman Lopez to Exhibit in Group Show: When Code Becomes Form

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MA/MFA Transdisciplinary New Media faculty Ianis Lallemand and Soliman Lopez to exhibit in group show “When Code Becomes Form” at the Plateforme gallery in Paris, France from 15-31 March, 2019.

In March 1969, curator Harald Szeemann inaugurated his exhibition entitled When Code Becomes Form at the Kunsthalle Bern. The gestures or concepts taking precedence over the works themselves, the artists presented, then assumed the incompleteness. Over time, the event has become one of the significant historical markers of contemporary art.

But fifty years later, what would be likely to form in our society that artists are continually documenting or questioning if not the digital, or more precisely, the code of which he is the source?

Because it is both a tool and a material, knowing that no artistic medium has not been contaminated by algorithms similar to those that continuously intervene in our lives, without even being aware of it.

Among the artists who use them, some encode while others surround themselves with experts in languages ​​that have revolutionised all practices and uses. Many of their works are part of processes that ignore the very idea of ​​finitude, which gives such generative creations a character of incompleteness resolutely assumed at the moment.

There are even artists who show the fragments of codes that are usually hidden from us. But all of them have in common to practice a form of letting go when their machine runs.

And this is how they become the first spectators of collaborative works by definition. The value – in the mathematical sense of the term – having replaced that of the hue in painting allows them as many infinite variations.

Artists: Fleuryfontaine, Ianis Lallemand, Anne-Sarah Le Meur, Soliman Lopez, Claire Malrieux

Exhbition curated by Dominique Moulon

Join us for the opening on Friday March 15, 2019, from 6pm onwards.