fbpx PCA Faculty Steve Bisson curates the upcoming photography exhibition at Lab27 — PCA

PCA Faculty Steve Bisson curates the upcoming photography exhibition at Lab27

© Simon Carruthers
© Simon Carruthers

Anthropocene, introduced by the chemist and Nobel laureate Paul Crutzen, defines the current geological era and has made its way into the common dictionary. The challenges, yet to be solved, are overwhelmingly urgent. A conflictual gap is growing with the new generations who observe a “grown-up” class unable to take the issue seriously. The consequences of this “shared impasse” are evident and manifest all their intensity in the frequent calamitous events widespread in the media (fires, floods, storms, and so on), in the state of perennial pollution of cities and mineralized countryside, in the disappearance of biodiversity, also cultural, in migratory pressures, in the fragility in general of the human species increasingly allergic to its surroundings. The exhibition at Lab27 offers a selection of works that invite you to face the complexity of the stakes, to glimpse possible perspectives, isolate issues, and encourage dialogue and debate. The title “Ambientale” (Environmental) attempts to decontextualize the common thinking, ordinary assumptions while trying to open the definition of what is considered as an environment, to see more clearly inside it. Thus, the works selected are windows on the world that slow down the gaze, produce a disenchantment, create more space to think.

The exhibition starts with the video installation by Tolga Akbaş that shows a continuous transformation of the ground as seen from a spaceship or the macro scans of the landscape depleted by the civilization of consumption by Simon Carruthers. Spaces that become alienating, forgotten playgrounds, geographies poised between nostalgia and resignation as in Noah Addis’ shattered American dream.

Open through February 27th 

Strada Scudetto 27

31100 – Treviso (TV)