FEEL WHEEL | Detangle your emotions through art therapy

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Do you tell yourself that your friends will find you annoying when you talk about your problems again? That they won’t understand why having a whole bottle of wine tonight won’t make your anxiety lessen ? Maybe you even tell yourself that in the end everything is not so bad and that your heartache will pass?

What if taking care of yourself went beyond what health magazines tell you, and that it all starts with what’s going on in your mind?

“when the world comes crashing at your feet

it’s okay to let others

help pick up the pieces

if we’re present to take part in your happiness

when your circumstances are great we are more than capable

of sharing your pain

– community” Rupi Kaur

FEEL WHEEL is a public event hosted by a group of Master of Design for Social Impact students.

Join us on December 8, 2022 for a two-hour event that will help you understand how to better cope with your stress, learn more about the emotional life that goes on in your brain and see how art therapy can change your life.

Location to be announced | 6.30 to 8.30pm

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