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Financing Your Education: External Funding Opportunities!

Alex Kwok

At PCA, we know that financing your studies might be a bit of a challenge, but don’t let it be a deterrent! Investing in your education is important for your future. To help you out, we’ve put together some information about where to look for financial support as well as some scholarship opportunities you might be eligible for.

First lead: your home country

Many countries offer scholarships to students who wish to study abroad. Check with your current school, government departments, and public or private agencies that may offer scholarships.

Read our article on different sources of support country by country.

Reach out to the French Embassy in your home country

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers scholarships to certain foreign students. Contact the French Embassy or General Consulate in your home country for details on the eligibility criteria, deadlines, and to submit your application.

Personalized scholarship finders 

Provide your personal information and the search engines will find scholarships, awards, grants and loans that correspond with your profile. Here are some examples:

European Funding Guide

The European Funding Guide was funded with the support of the European Commission and have over 12,300 funding opportunities. Start your search here.


Filengo is another scholarship generator for France. Same principle, fill out a form and you receive a list of related funding opportunities according to your profile. Go to Filengo and fill out your form!

Campus France

Another great scholarship finder for France is Campus France. Select your country of origin to find relevant scholarships to come study in France. Campus France also has great information for international students about living in France.

Private scholarships from foundations and organizations

Several private organizations and foundations provide students with scholarships, grants and awards to finance their studies. Here are some examples that we found but don’t hesitate to make your own research!

La Fondation de la Vocation

This French foundation enables motivated young people to attain the level of training necessary to carry out the career of their dreams. Whatever the nature of the vocation (artist or astrophysicist), the Foundation encourages all young people of 18 to 30 years old of all nationalities.

Eligibility criteria:

  • All French citizens living in France or abroad
  • Anyone from a foreign nationality living in France or coming to France for their studies
  • Aged between 18 to 30 years old.
  • Having a vocation of which they have demonstrated the beginnings of its realization and having serious financial difficulties to continue their education.

Submit your application online via their website from January 1st to May 31st. The application consists of your resume and a cover letter, which will be examined. If you receive a positive response, you will be invited to complete your dossier online with information concerning your civil status, your present academic background, difficulties encountered, and the nature of your project. After submission, your dossier will be examined by the grand jury, which will grant 20 candidates a “prix de la vocation” of 8,000€.

Scholarship Fellow Institute – Pitch your Idea!

The Pitch Your Idea Scholarship is a new grant sponsored by the Scholarship Fellow Institute. The Institute is looking for brilliant students from all around the world, studying any discipline, to award 15 grants every month. Students who have an idea but need some financial help to get it rolling are invited to apply.


  • Students enrolled in an Undergraduate or a Masters degree.
  • Students from USA, UK, Asia, Middle East and Africa

The winning entry will receive the first award of US$ 2,000, the second award US$1,500, the third US$1,000 and 12 more students will receive prize money of US$450 respectively.

To apply you must submit an essay describing your idea, its expected impact and how the scholarship will help you achieve this objective. Entries can be submitted anytime; 15 awardees will be selected at the 30th of every month.

Submit your entry and read the essay guidelines here.