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Former PCA Faculty Tom Boothe's film "Food Coop" nominated at Greenpeace Film Festival Competition


Former PCA faculty Tom Boothe has always been passionate about cinema. While visiting New York, he discovered the Park Slope Food Coop, a concept of cooperative store that gave birth to his film “Food Coop”, nominated for the Green Peace Film Festival.

Watch the film and vote for Tom Boothe here.


La Louve: The First Cooperative Food Shop in Paris

Inspired by the Park Slop Food Coop and his investigations, Tom Boothe and his friend Brian Horihan opened a cooperative food shop where you can buy local products. Located at 116 Rue des Poissonniers in the 18th district of Paris, you can shop in a marketing free environment. These products are selected according to 6 criterias: environmental impact, fair trade, taste, price, proximity and needs of the neighbourhood.

Here shopping means becoming a member of the cooperative and volunteering at least 3 hours every 4 weeks. Every member can propose products to be sold and participate in decision-making.

Become a member of La Louve.


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