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PCA Master's Students in Photography travel to Utrecht


As part of the photo curriculum, we organize field trips that foster cultural exchanges with partner institutions every year. This year our Masters in Photography and Image-making students travelled to The Netherlands.

During their trip they visited the exhibition Who’s in Control? – Exploring new narratives of power by curators Rob Wetzer and Lisanne van Happen, an exhibition about invisible power structures in society, and will attend to the event The Power of Big Data at FOTODOK | Space for Documentary Photography.

After the exhibition visit, Lisanne van Happen, and Rebecca Simons ran a workshop with our graduate students on “Who are you as a photographer? What is your position? What do you stand for?”.

Students also attend a larger workshop with 75 students from the universities of HKU University of the Arts (Utrecht) Willem de Kooning Academy (Rotterdam), The Academy of Art and Design AKV I St. Joost (Breda) and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Antwerp). It was a great opportunity for students to discuss, exchange and engage on current topics in photography such as diversity, privilege, perception, equality, mass media, cultural appropriation, assimilation, social construct, empowerment, social self-image, persuasion, ideology, collective identity, collective memory or heritage.   

The project is organized by Lisanne van Happen (FOTODOK), Stefanie Gratz (HKU), Rebecca Simons (WdK) and Klaus Fruchtnis (PCA).