Covid-19: PCA response and FAQ's

Will PCA be open for the fall 2020 semester?

At this time it is our intention to begin the semester as usual in September. We are prepared for the fact that some students may arrive late, and are thus developing on-line content corresponding to the first month of class work, so that students can start the semester on-line and avoid falling behind on course work before they can join us in person. If we are asked to close campus because of French government orders, we would offer a deposit reimbursement.

When is the application deadline for fall 2020?

We have extended our deadlines in light of the current situation.  Due to the time it takes to obtain a student visa, applicants from countries outside of EU/CH must complete the application to PCA by May 15th.  We will still review applications from students with EU/CH nationalities through July 21st.

Can I get a refund on my tuition deposit if I can’t make it in September?

For students entering the first year of their undergraduate program, we have developed the ‘Foundation Online: Pathway to Paris’ course in response to the current world situation, as a way to engage first year students in the Foundation experience remotely, if they can’t join us in person this fall.  You can join our international community and complete the first semester of your foundation program from the comfort of your home, before joining us in Paris in January to start our second semester.

For all new students: due to uncertainties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we will defer or refund the deposit for students who are unable to attend due to travel bans or visa refusal. You must supply proof that you have made every reasonable effort to acquire your visa in a timely manner to be refunded for this reason.

Can I divide my tuition payments for the Online Foundation program?

Like our other programs, if you opt for Online Foundation it is still possible to divide your tuition payments into monthly installments if you prefer. The enrollment deposit is deducted from tuition, and then 55% of remaining tuition and fees must paid by September 1st, followed by 3 monthly payments of 15%. The calendar of payments would be as follows:

Total tuition for online fall semester: €6500
Deposit paid to deduct from tuition: €1000
Balance remaining: €5500

Due September 1st: €3025
Due October 10th: €825
Due November 10th: €825
Due December 10th: €825

You will also be billed a one-time €100 Monthly Payment Plan fee.

Can I defer my application to another entrance term?

We understand that due to the current pandemic the world is facing unprecedented uncertainty, and that you and your family may be considering postponing the start of your studies. For that reason, we have taken measures to alleviate the pressure on students faced with decisions about fall 2020 and allow you more time to see how the situation unfolds before having to commit.

→ Choosing to Deposit
We have extended the tuition deposit deadline until June 1st. In addition, if you do deposit but are unable to make it to Paris due to travel restrictions or visa issues you will be able to choose either to defer your entry to a future term or have your deposit refunded.

→ Choosing to Defer
Admitted students can defer their date of entry for up to one year. If you are certain at this point that you wish to defer your entry for up to one year, please submit this form by selecting “I ACCEPT my offer of admission,” and pay your €1000 deposit. As well, submit the Request to Defer Admission Form to complete the process.

→ Choosing to Reapply
If you are not willing to pay your deposit to hold your place at this time, but wish to be considered for entry for a future semester please select “I DECLINE my offer of admission.” Then in the Feedback section of this form indicate the term you intend to reapply for. We will send you a reminder when it is time to apply. Your application fee will be waived, and unless you have completed additional studies, you will not need to submit any new application materials. Your application will be reviewed with preferential status before the first round of normal applications. Please note if you do choose to reapply there is no guarantee that your previous offer of acceptance will be upheld.

Students who are seeking a deferral for financial reasons are advised to contact the Financial Assistance Committee before paying the deposit. Students who do not wish to defer by making a tuition deposit may reapply in the future with an expedited process, and their application will be reviewed again with the new round of candidates.

How can I get my visa if the French embassies are closed?

At the moment no French visas are being issued.  We are following the guidance of Campus France and advising accepted applicants not to begin their visa application until advised otherwise.  Our accepted students will be contacted as soon as the situation changes, and Campus France have already committed to processing visas as quickly as possible, and extending their deadlines to make the process easier when things are back up and running.

Are summer programs running?

PCA continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation, following guidelines issued by the French government and is maintaining it’s July summer session, limiting class sizes to 9 students. We have modified our cancellation & refund policy in order to provide our students greater flexibility amidst the uncertainty of this difficult moment.

What will happen if school is open but regular travel is not resumed from my country to France?

If you are not able to come to Paris due to travel bans we would offer you either to defer your deposit payment to fall 2021 entry or we would refund your deposit.

If you are a foundation student you can join our Pathways to Paris program to complete your first semester from the comfort of your home, while travel bans are still in place. 

If you are a returning student, you can chose to complete liberal studies and art history credits that contribute to your degree completion requirements on-line, at an adapted tuition rate.

Is it possible to secure housing in Paris during the quarantine?

Please contact housing providers directly, using the contact information in the Housing Guide provided to all accepted applicants.  It is likely that they will be responding to the current situation and adapting deadlines and refund policies accordingly.

Can I speak to a member of the Admissions Team while the school is closed?

While we can’t welcome you on campus we have set up online info sessions with our Admissions Team, which you can sign up for here.

Our Student Ambassadors are also available to answer your questions about what it’s like to be a PCA student. And finally, why not take a virtual tour of our campus from the comfort of your couch!

What do I do if I can not sit my school leaving exams, get a copy of my final high school transcripts, or other proof that I have finished high school?

If you are unable to sit exams and/or obtain school leaving exam results or final official transcripts of study due to the Covid-19 pandemic you will exceptionally be allowed to start class in fall 2020 as long as you provide your most recent high school transcript or grade results along with documentation from your educational institution on the postponement of the graduation exam or issuance of final transcripts. You will be expected to submit your exam results, final transcript, etc. as soon as they become available.

What do I do if I need to submit an English Language Proficiency Test?

If you have not been able to take the TOEFL, IELTS, or Cambridge test because of testing center closing should register for the online version of the TOEFL.* Test dates are currently available and scores will be issued in under two weeks of taking the test.

At the time of this writing TOEFL is the only test that is available online.

What happens to my Financial Assistance if I defer for a year?

If you decide to defer to the next academic year you must re-apply for Financial Assistance. However, if your financial situation has not changed, you can expect that the PCA Scholarship, Institutional Loan and CAP awards for the following intake will be similar to that of the current award. The only exception to this is the Covid-19 Relief Scholarship, which we will only be offering in 2020-21 and will not be available beyond this year.