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"How to Take Creative Self-Portraits At Home" by Fashion Film and Photography Alumna Alma Rosaz


Fashion Film and Photography alumna and photographer Alma Rosaz made a tutorial video for the virtual festival The Photography Show Spring Shoots.

This year, due to the lockdown in the UK, The Photography Show Spring Shoots took the shape of a virtual festival, which featured interviews, talks, Q&As, product demos, and much more for the pleasure of photography and video enthusiasts and professionals.

As a guest of this virtual event, Alma decided to make a video tutorial about how she takes her self-portraits. She had noticed an increased interest in them after she won the first prize for her photo Dreaming of a Beach in the “Lockdown: Taking a Positive View” contest by Positive View Foundation and the Royal Photography Society. Her winning photo was also published on BBC UK and BBC Worldwide.

This has since resulted in a lot of new opportunities for Alma, including The Photography Show Spring Shoots event. The team at The Photography Show was very interested in her self-portraits and thought it would be nice to film behind the scenes. In her video, Alma looks into the process of self-portrait photography at home using minimum equipment. She delves into camera settings, equipment needed, and gives tips on how to create your own imaginary world just using yourself as the main subject.

You can watch Alma’s 40-minute guide and personal process for taking self-portraits while stuck at home during lockdown by creating a free account on The Photography Show’s website. In order to do this, you only have to click on the button “Register Free” and fill out the form. After registering, you will get an email with your own log-in code for the website. Then you can log into the website and visit this page to watch the full video.