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with CECILIA BILTON, MA Fashion Film & Photography '22

Michino PCA/Client Work '21 Cecilia Bilton

“I have personally found that in-studio classes have been integral to my growth over my time at PCA. The access to a broad range of photo and video equipment to experiment is incredible, and the time we are given to practice in studio with knowledgeable professors has been invaluable…”

Cecilia Bilton continues to explain, “I’ve particularly enjoyed taking Karel Steiner’s Studio Lighting Techniques as an elective, as we are given a good deal of time to perfect lighting setups and experiment with new techniques with the help of the professor, other students, and professional models. I’m fascinated with how photography as we know it can be altered to create new forms of art. I am always experimenting with new techniques to push the boundaries of my art and create an enhanced reality. Along with photography, I’m extremely passionate about branding, marketing, and social media. I love creating video and photo content to help brands grow.”

Bilton is in her final semester of earning her degree in Fashion Film and Photography, and she has already worked with brands such as, Michino, Dermapure, Moray Luke, Dr. Aïcha Sebaa Skincare, The Numa Network, and more.The image of the Michino purse, seen here next to Bilton, is an example of the PCA extended classroom experience and the application of studies to client projects and needs.

See more of Cecilia Bilton’s work on her website.