fbpx Intergenerational by Karine Bouvatier — PCA

PCA Faculty Karine Bouvatier presents "Intergenerational Exhibit, a fraternity without any age"


The Intergenerational exhibit created by the Fédération de l’Entraide Protestante (FEP) highlights the relationships between past and present generations. PCA Photography Faculty and Photographer Karine Bouvatier sheds light on informal relationships between younger and older people, focusing on the importance of understanding and maintaining a duality between the past and present.

Bouvatier’s photographs highlight the need for interconnectivity between generations. She captured moments shared between youth and elders through black and white photography.

The exhibition will travel throughout France in 2018. The purpose of this exhibit is to emphasize the benefits of understanding our history and knowing where our actions will lead to in the future as a society.