fbpx Kaamna Patel, Alumna and Founder of Editions Jojo at Paris Ass Book Fair 2023 — PCA

Kaamna Patel, Alumni and Founder of Editions Jojo at Paris Ass Book Fair

Helena Ernst and Ofir Avita at the PABF
Helena Ernst and Ofir Avita at the PABF

Editions JOJO, the publishing imprint of photography alumni Kaamna Patel, participated in the Paris Ass Book fair at Palais de Tokyo in Paris on June 9 to 11, 2023.

Editions JOJO is also a bookshop, a library and a platform for visual culture based in Mumbai, India.Titles published under JOJO celebrate playfulness, process, and experimentation through handcrafted books.

In addition to her own titles, Kaamna presented independently published photobooks and zines from across India, as well as the photobook dummies of PCA students Ofir Avita (BFA in Photography, Class of ’24) & Helena Ernst (MFA in Photography and Image-Making, Class of ’23), and the Blurring the Lines collection, a PCA led project enabling young graduates to obtain international recognition.

Blurring the lines Photobook

Blurring the Lines

Blurring the Lines is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote and encourage all initiatives in various fields of photography and education, contributing to academic, local, and global dialogues and enabling young graduates to obtain international recognition. 

Since 2016 Paris College of Art has acted as a program leader and helped expand the network, developing exhibitions, conferences, debates, and publications.


Love Land by Helena Ernst

“Sorrow is a second sibling of mine. It follows me like a shadow, appearing through my photographs, taking form as a place rather than a feeling. It loiters around my childhood town—in empty playgrounds and church parking lots, drifting through my dad’s former fishing spots. It lingers by my old elementary school and in the field behind my house. It has trailed me for years, across the countrysides of Scotland and Italy, and to a new home that I made in Paris. I don’t mind. Heaviness can feel safe, and gloom has proven its beauty to me time and time again.
These are photographs of reconciliation—with the past, with my father, with my sorrow.”