#LearningPlanet Festival 2021 on January 24-25 to Celebrate the International Day of Education


Join the #LearningPlanet Festival or “Festival de l’Apprendre” on January 24-25, which celebrates the International Day of Education.


This year’s theme, “Learn to take care of yourself” is an invitation for everyone around the world to celebrate and share their knowledge about taking care of oneself, others and planet Earth. It’s the perfect opportunity to share your thoughts, enjoy stimulating learning experiences, meet other enthusiasts and take part in meaningful projects.

Founded in partnership with UNESCO and many others, the #LearningPlanet Festival 2021 intends to aspire and give the means to learning citizens of all ages to commit to the making of a better future.

So that we can build together the environment we want for ourselves, our children, and for the future, join the #LearningPlanet Festival 2021 on January 24-25!

Learn more about the festival here.

You can attend the festival by registering here.

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