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'Love Me Tinder' - Snaps From The Senior Fine Arts Show


The senior Fine Arts students held their exhibition ‘Love Me Tinder’ at Galerie du CROUS last month.

Through slipping into the informal, instantly gratifying nature of hookup culture, we are doing away with the ritual aspects of courtship. With this comes a constant need for validation, for which the laws of attraction shift, leaving us craving love in a very different sense. The term shifts and mutates into something that we can no longer categorize as real love, but perhaps merely a false connection.

Staging a sense of this brings forth the group exhibition of Tino Chiang’s unfaithful stand on the fashion system, Liza Deviataikina’s abbreviations of colored environments, the precious forms of Alia Gheita’s alchemy, the obnoxious concoctions of Cherry Lazar, Timothy Schweizer’s obsessive peeling of nature’s algorithm, Laurence Sturla’s cartoon desecrations and and the perfectly-imperfect ritualistic ikebanas of Julia Wiese at La Galerie du Crous de Paris, May 2016.

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