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MA in Fashion Film & Photography Student, Alma Rosaz' First Show in Paris

© Alma Rozas

Alma Rosaz, having started her MA in Fashion Film and Photography at PCA this semester, has been very busy working on course projects with models, designers and brands. In order to keep expanding her experience in every aspect of the photographer’s trade, Rozas recently seized the opportunity to show some of her previous portraiture work at the art space LeCinq Beaubourg.

Like many emerging photographers, her work has visibility in the digital world through her Instagram account and her own website, but she realized that there is a dimension in viewing printed work that you don’t find when it is displayed digitally – seeing images on real paper versus on a screen. Excited to explore this difference, Alma launched herself into this exhibition project.

Alma’s take away from the experience was that while stressful, exhibiting her work in public in a physical exhibition space ultimately helped her to gain confidence in her work. As well, she found that encountering the work in the three-dimensional exhibition space changed the audiences experience as well as her interaction with the viewer.

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