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MDRW 12 - Preparing for Online Classes

Image courtesy of Ann Dahlman.

This week has been hectic, not only for students and faculty at PCA, but for people around the world.

The week began normally, as students had their Intermediate Research and Methodology course, in which they discussed and article by Roland Barthes. Students also spoke about the symposium they are holding, and tried to spread the word by posting on social media, academic websites and open call websites for artists. After this class, graduating students headed to the thesis writing course to meet with professor Martin, where they had one-on-one meetings regarding the current state of their thesis.

Tuesday, MDRW students had their last collaboration course with Eric Vernhes. They wrapped up the projects that they were working on, surrounding video and drawing. Tuesday was also the start of the ‘BEASTS’ workshop, held by PCA professors Chloé Briggs and Véronique Devoldere, a drawing event where children were encourage to draw their own beasts by combining parts of animals that were displayed on a projector. They used watercolor, graphite, charcoal and pastels.

The next day, adults and other PCA students were encouraged to make pieces in response to the children’s drawings. This collaboration ended in beautiful pieces which were displayed in PCA’s Espace 15 gallery.

Thursday, students had the Professional Networking Series course, where artist, researcher and author Donatien Aubert was the guest speaker. He spoke about how he combines science and art in his practice, and gave students tips regarding the business side of being an artist, how galleries work, and how to apply for grants.

Shortly after the Professional Networking Series presentation was over, the French president, Emmanuel Macron, addressed the public and stated that all educational institutions will close starting Monday, March 16th, until a new order is issues.

Two days later, the French government called for the closure of all non-essential shops, leaving grocery stores, pharmacies and tobacco shops open. With school now closed, students were asked to pick up whatever belongings or tools they would need for the coming weeks or rest of the semester from PCA. Some students have decided to return to their home countries while others remain in France.

PCA has put together a program for the coming weeks, consisting of online classes and perhaps reconfiguring the graduate exhibition. However, as of now, students are continuing along their semesters online, and waiting for updates from the French government.

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