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MTNM Lunch Talks Hosts Mathieu Merlet Briand

Mathieu Merlet Briand

The Transdisciplinary New Media Department hosts Lunch Talks once a month. They are designed to foster knowledge, sharing and casual conversation with designers, curators, and artists.

Lunch Talks are open to all!

Our guest is French artist Mathieu Merlet Briand. Mathieu questions internet materiality and its representations. In the manner of an alchemist, he created his materials that he shaped mainly in sculptures and installations. His mediums are close to engineering. He develops algorithms in order to recycle the masses of data accessible on the web. In his “Google Matter” project, he draws data from the search engine to create tangible materializations of the network. Born to a family of farmers, Mathieu seeks to question our contemporary environment, nature, and beliefs affected by technologies.

Mathieu Merlet Briand graduated from ENSAD in Product Design in 2013. He then continued his studies in EnsadLab research cycle. During his studies, he did an exchange semester at ECAL in Switzerland. Mathieu currently teaches at ENSAD in Textile Design and Matter, in BTS graphic design multimedia at La Fonderie de l’image (Bagnolet, 93) and ISCIO (Orsay, 91). Mathieu is still involved in projects with EnsadLab on research in new materials.

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