fbpx Interview with Foundations student, Leo Stafford ’25 — PCA

Interview with Foundations student, Leo Stafford '25

Hello Doll by Leo Nienhuis
Hello Doll by Leo Nienhuis (Stafford)


Foundations student ’25, Leo Stafford, featured in our February edition of LOOP, is from Toronto Canada & told us that  “I chose to study at PCA because of its small class size & the offer of the Foundation year. I’ve had a variety of artistic focuses over the years & I was hesitant to pursue anything right away without trying out other skills first in a post-secondary capacity. I’ve already tried studying at a large university & found myself lost in the crowd & frustrated with the generalised assignments. I’m grateful for PCA’s small community & attentive professors.” We loved learning that the Foundation program was a major draw for Stafford. We had just a few more questions to get to know Stafford better.

What are you hoping to learn in your program?

“I am hoping to learn a wide variety of skills in the Foundation program that will help me in my future artistic practice and career. I believe that all new skills and practices are extremely beneficial to one’s eventual artistic focus and it’s important to explore all mediums.”

What excites you most about your Foundation/Pathways program at PCA?

“It’s been so amazing so far to meet and learn with people from all over the world. I really like the idea of the foundation program for those who are not entirely sure what to pursue artistically yet.”

What’s your area of focus moving forward at PCA?

“Fashion Design or Fine Arts”

What are you most excited about living/studying in Paris?

“Being surrounded by beauty and art! The fact that most museums are free for students is incredible, it’s hard to be bored or uninspired when you can spend an afternoon at the Louvre any time you want! It feels much more possible to have a career in the arts in a city like Paris where art is held in high importance.”

We can’t wait to see whether the choice is Fashion or Fine Art and know that either way, this is winner.