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Paris Photo 2016: PCA Workshop

Image by: Dominique Clerc

Every year during Paris Photo the PCA photography department creates events to celebrate photography and broadcast the work of our students. Following is the schedule of activities.


Tuesday, Nov. 7th 

14-17h – I’ll be Your Mirror workshop run by Gabriel Jones (PCA) and Andrej Glusgold (BTK) – Part I in room 308

The workshop will start with short (pecha kucha style) presentations of participating student´s work. Then the students from BTK, Berlin and PCA will build working tandems and make portraits of each other in the vicinity of PCA. The goal is to catch the spirit of the portrayed person in an equivalent place in the urban landscape.

OPEN TO Photo Sophomore Students & BTK students

18h30-19h45 – PCA Talk & video screening by Steve Bisson in room -101

19h45 – Opening of “Blurring the Lines” exhibition at PCA gallery

Wednesday, Nov. 9th

10-13h – I’ll be Your Mirror – Part II workshop run by Andrej Glusgold (BTK) in room 308

OPEN TO Photo Sophomore Students & BTK students

10h-15h – Curating photography workshop by Susan Bright in room 206

This session will take place at PCA and in gallery spaces around Paris so we can look at how images (both fashion and non fashion) operate in the public spaces. We will concentrate on the problematics, challenges and advantages of shifting photographs from from wall, to the page to the web. The session will commence with a short lecture on ‘Face of Fashion’ and other exhibitions curated by Susan Bright. This aims to contexualize curatorial intent and highlight logistics to consider when looking at photography in the gallery and museum space.

OPEN TO MA students University of London (MA in Fashion Photography) & Paris College of Art (MA in Fashion Film and Photography)

Thursday, Nov. 10th

10h-15h – One minute fashion sculpture workshop by Paul Bevan room 306

This one-day practical workshop takes a performative approach to the fashion photograph/ film that intentionally references Erwin Wurms One Minute SculpturesSince the late 1980s, Wurm (Austrian, born 1954) has developed an ongoing series of ‘sculptures’, where he puts himself or his models in unexpected relationships with everyday objects for a minute.  These poses often place the body in absurd or bizarre positions, that appear to be awkward or difficult to hold.  The sculptures are temporary and often spontaneous, existing only as photographs or film. The workshop appropriates this idea into a fashion photography/ film context, and asserts the fashion image as a time-based event or spectacle that is performed for camera. Students may work in photography or film (or both), on the basis that the image is determined in some way by a one minute/ 60 second time-frame. This time element may be deployed at production, in the image, or at the point of dissemination, and may be implicit or explicit. The workshop will be contextualized by way of an introduction with visual references, followed by some discussion.  Students will be working in groups (of 3), with a mix of LCF/ PCA participants. Students will be expected to present an outcome for the end of the workshop.

OPEN TO MA students University of London (MA in Fashion Photography) & Paris College of Art (MA in Fashion Film and Photography)