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PCA Career and Alumni Talks Presents: Ofo Obuobi

Ofo Obuobi
Ofo Obuobi - Freelance Graphic Designer

Join us on Monday, October 05 for a virtual talk by MA Transdisciplinary New Media ‘19 alumna Ofo Obuobi.

Monday, October 05, 2020
1-2pm (CET)


Ofo Obuobi is an artist and designer whose creative journey has evolved along parallel tracks in art and graphic design. On the whole, her academic experience has served as the foundation for her professional experience. Ofo has a BA from Mount Holyoke College, as well as a Certificate and MA from the Paris College of Art.

As a graphic designer, Ofo translates brands’ untapped potential into striking visual language. She has worked at Christian Louboutin, the African Leadership University, and is currently working on a variety of projects including designing brand books, and building user interface experiences.

In parallel, as an artist, Ofo’s work explores the systematic creative process, with a focus on the principles of line, pattern and composition. During her Master’s program at the Paris College of Art, Ofo completed and exhibited “In Transit,” a project that reflected her personal re-interpretation of maps as line drawings through various media.

Couldn’t join us? Watch the talk below!