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PCA Cooks Vol. 3: Grilled Cheese (Without a Toaster)

Final Product- YUM!
By: Lauren Burnam

PCA’s Cook Club: a student run organization for the Paris College of Art community for recipes, how-to’s, and really good food. Follow @pcacooks for tips on: easy meals, cooking shortcuts, and budget friendly restaurants.

This is Cook Club Vol. 3: Grilled Cheese (Without a Toaster)

You only need a few simple ingredients, which you might already have lying around your kitchen!

Bread (choose any bread you want!)
Cheese (for our tutorial, we used Mexican shredded cheese.)
Oregano (optional)

Step One: Grab two slices of bread and spread butter on 1 side of each piece of bread. Make sure you cover one side of the slice with butter but don’t drown it! *lightly coat*

Step Two: Put your pan on medium heat and once warm, place both slices of bread onto the pan with the butter sides facing down.

If you waited until the pan was hot to put your slices of bread onto the pan, perfect! You should hear a little sizzle…this is great news!

Step Three: As soon as you hear that satisfying sizzle start placing your cheese onto one piece of bread. (TIP: If you want to make it extra cheesy, you can add cheese to both pieces of bread…yum!)

Step Four: Let the cheese sit on the open bread for a minute and then flip one piece of bread onto the other to make a sandwich! Let this cook on one side for a few minutes, and then flip. Keep your bread toasting on this side for a few minutes until golden brown. (TIP: During our tutorial, we added some oregano seasoning to the cheese before closing the sandwich. Feel free to add any of your favorite seasonings during this step!)

Step Five: Enjoy! (Especially while the cheese is still hot!)

Now you know how to make a grilled cheese in just 5 simple steps! You can now experiment next time you make a grilled cheese. For example you could try it with pepper jack cheese, sourdough bread, grilled onions and tomato next time. Happy grilling!

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