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PCA Faculty Elena Sorokina Curated the "Museum (Science) Fictions" Exhibition at Centre Pompidou

Centre Pompidou

This month, The Centre Pompidou will be exhibiting the project Museum (Science) Fictions, a project that shows how the historical meetings between “museum” and “science fiction” have served as a reference for current encounters between radical speculative fiction and museums’ scientific narratives.

The project comprises a series of performative conferences, a temporary display and other interventions by various artists and curators. The one week long exhibition will take place at the Galerie Prospective, 4th floor of the Centre Pompidou.


May 18 | 19:00-21:30

  • Vit Havranek on Spaceship as Museum
  • Zbynek Baladran on Museum as a Spaceship
  • Julie Pellegrin on Exhibition as Machine

Texts performed by Yuri Zavalnuk throughout the conference

May 19 | 19:00-21:30

  • Barbara Piwowarska on Oskar Hansen. Footnote 10: Museum of the Unknown
  • Ekaterina Degot on Bergen Assembly 2013 as contemporary re-writing of the sci-fi novel by the Strugatsky Brothers Monday begins on Saturday. Followed by the conversation with Natasa Petresin Bachelez
  • Projection of the video Debates of Division by Gluklya

May 18-20 | 15:00-16:30 and 17:30-19:00
Pauline Simone will be working in permanent collection with Bryan Campbell, Léa Lansade, Duncan Evennou, Thibaut Gauthier

May 20 | 14:00-18:00
Myriam Lefkowitz, with Julie Laporte and Jean Philippe Derail
How can one know in such darkness featuring Filonov, (by appointment)

May 23 | 15:30-19:00
Pavel Filonov and his Museums

  • Jean-Claude Marcadé
  • Ioulia Podoroga
  • Elitza Dulguerova
  • Louisa Martin-Chevalier
  • Leonid Heller

Where: Galerie Prospective, 4th floor of the Centre Pompidou, Place Georges-Pompidou, 75004 Paris

When: May 18th-May 23rd, 2016

To learn more go to www.celesteprize.com