fbpx PCA is Proud to Present Commencement Speaker: Ami Barak — PCA

PCA is Proud to Present Commencement Speaker: Ami Barak

Ami Barak

Every year for graduation we invite artists, curators, and professionals in the art world to speak at the Commencement Ceremony. This year, we are proud to announce Ami Barak as the Commencement Speaker.

Ami Barak is an independent curator and art critic based in Paris, France.

Among last year’s projects: I am also… Douglas Gordon, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, in 2013, Honey I rearranged the collection, works from Philippe Cohen Collection, Passage de Retz, Paris, 2013 and MultiMedia Museum of art Moscow, Off to a flying start Scotiabank Nuit blanche Toronto, 2013, An Estranged Paradise, works from DSL collection, JMTC Moscou 2014, Stuttering – Melik Ohanian Crac Sete 2014, Taryn Simon, Rear views, star forming nebula and foreign propaganda bureau Jeu de Paume Paris 2015, Le Salon de Montrouge 61e édition 2016, 62e édition 2017, Juliao Sarmento The Real thing Fondation Gulbenkian Paris, Peter Kogler Next ING Art center Brussels, A.K. Burns Any Means May 18 – July 22, 2017 Michel Rein Paris; Constellation – Contemporary Art in Todays’s China June-Sept Georgian National Museum Tbilisi, Nov 2017-May 2018 Heydar Alyev Center Baku, Azerbaijan, What does the image stand for? Momenta Biennale of contemporary image Montreal Sept-Oct 201, Life- A User’s manual Art Encounters Timisoara, Biennale of Contemporary Art Oct-Nov 201, Le Salon de Montrouge 63e edition April May 2018, Daegu Photo Biennale Sept -Nov 2018.

Ami Barak is the former president of IKT (International Contemporary Art Curators Association).


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