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Design in Progress: the Coherent Journey from Sense to Sign

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PCA Talks: Massimo Pitis

The discipline of design has many different divisions, both creatively and commercially, and includes not only art, but also research, marketing, corporate identity and brand strategy.

Each design project has a different aim; organizing the supply chain, finding a way to reduce environmental impact, selling products, communicating a political message, promoting a new art exhibition or museum, re-positioning a brand in an existing market or developing its potential in a new one.

The work of a designer is not a role we should underestimate or limit in it’s definitions. Today being a designer means using creativity, analysis, artistry and technical capabilities within one profession. The possibilities of this profession seem to spread like the branches of a tree.

Which branch will you follow? In what direction will you grow?

In this lecture we will explore the possibility of applying a structure and methodology to the creative process for a new perspective on how we practice design. Particular emphasis will be given to the formation of brand design and visual identity in the corporate world, discussing how to combine a strategic approach with an artistic sensibility.

Learn more about Massimo Pitis: www.pitis.eu

This event is free and open to the Public

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