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PCA Talks Presents: Massimo Pitis

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Massimo Pitis | Design in Progress: the Coherent Journey from Sense to Sign

The discipline of design has many different divisions, both creatively and commercially, and includes not only art, but also research, marketing, corporate identity and brand strategy.

Each design project has a different aim; organizing the supply chain, finding a way to reduce environmental impact, selling products, communicating a political message, promoting a new art exhibition or museum, re-positioning a brand in an existing market or developing its potential in a new one.

The work of a designer is not a role we should underestimate or limit in it’s definitions. Today being a designer means using creativity, analysis, artistry and technical capabilities within one profession. The possibilities of this profession seem to spread like the branches of a tree.

Which branch will you follow? In what direction will you grow?

Massimo Pitis, Graphic Designer, Branding Specialist, and Art Director was welcomed to the PCA Talks stage by Lucrezia Russo, PCA Communication Design Department Chair.

Massimo presented some projects: Museo Del Novecento, Triennale di Milano, Wired Magazine, Amani Silos, walking the audience through his brand development process. The last project he presented was the 2015-16 PCA Catalog, which we have all been enjoying this year! His presentation was followed by a lively Q&A session.

Communication Design Senior, Lydia O’Callaghan, gave us her impressions of the talk:

I found the talk last night by Massimo Pitis very relevant. Coming straight from a self identity and branding course, a lot of what he said resonated directly with what we had been just discussing.

The four main ideas he proposed as a framework through which to think about a branding project are particularly useful, not only to branding, but to developing personal identity.

>Define the context
>Select the right methodology
>Place essential importance on the brand’s values
>Manage well the visual codes already in place

In creating a brand for yourself it’s necessary to look at the context of your work in the greater design world, know your methodology, and stick to your values.

One of the last things Massimo said stuck with me as well, he told us about meeting Alan Fletcher of Pentagram, who advised him to cut down on his portfolio and only include those projects that he thought truly represented his work. It reminded me of a bit of advice I got some time ago from a long forgotten source: your work is only as good as the weakest piece.

Learn more about Massimo Pitis: www.pitis.eu

Massimo Pitis Design in Progress: the Coherent Journey from Sense to Sign
Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016 | 18:30 – 20:00
PCA Auditorium -101
15, rue Fenelon | 75010 Paris

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