fbpx PCA’s Print, Pattern & Trend Summer Class to be Grand Prize of South African Design Competition — PCA

PCA's Print, Pattern & Trend Summer Class to be Grand Prize of Design Competition


The Trenery Guild, a collaborative project that has partnered quality and craftsmanship with some of South Africa’s leading artists and artisans, is holding a competition for emerging designers to jumpstart their futures. The grand prize of this year’s competition, held at Investec Cape Town Art Fair, will be a place in PCA’s Print, Pattern & Trend summer course.

The Trenery print competition challenges local talent to create a winning print design that will be featured in the Guild’s Summer 2020 collection. These pieces will be sold across a range of platforms, showcased online and in Trenery stores.

A group of respected local creatives form the judging panel, including Visi editor Steve Smith as well as the team of Trenery textile designers based in Australia. Bree Ellett, Trenery’s Senior Textile Designer, states,

“We are looking for an inspired summer print with a unique South African interpretation [of a sophisticated traveler]. We want these young designers to consider a delicate balance between hand-drawn and contemporary graphics. The print should be bold and eye-catching, while staying true to Trenery’s ethos of timeless modern simplicity.”

As well as having their pattern featured in Trenery’s collection, the winner will also receive an all-inclusive trip to Paris to take their awarded place in PCA’s Print, Pattern & Trend summer class. The winner of the competition will be announced on June 1, 2020.

Print, Pattern & Trend instructor Andra Hardt is very excited to welcome the winner to her course this summer. She says:

“I find it so inspiring and tremendously fitting that we will receive a young designer from South Africa in Paris to study Print & Pattern Design. Textiles are a means of communication and I’m really looking forward to the student’s contribution to our class and what influences their sense of design. It will be a great moment of learning and sharing for all of us!”

PCA is honored to be the grand prize of this exciting opportunity, and we look forward to meeting the winner this summer!