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Photography Lunch Talks Presents Lieven Lefere


The Photo Department hosts Lunch Talks designed to foster knowledge, sharing and casual conversation with photographers, curators and artists.

Lunch Talks are open to all, but do sign up!

Lieven Lefere (°1978, Belgium) lives and works in Ghent. His photographic trail winds around the relationship between the photographic image and reality.To this end Lefere works mainly on the concepts of control and reconstruction. In recent work, he aims his attention to the way in which we represent nature combined with theories of the architect Le Corbusier around the horizon and the architectural. Latest he is working on a series about the mausoleum of the former Vietnamese leader Ho-Chi-Minh. A mausoleum for the living conceived as a liberating space where time stands still and existence is commemorated. His work is recently shown at Time – Space – Existence during the 15th Architecture Biennale of Venice and at the biennale Into Nature – Art Expedition in the Netherlands.