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Sara Laban Presents Collectif 50/50


On Tuesday, April 26 from 6pm to 7pm, as part of the course Le Cinéma Français, Sara Laban will introduce the work of Collectif 50/50 and discuss the question of diversity in today’s French cinema.


The talk will be in French. 
All are welcome!

Sara Laban on Collectif 50/50

About Collectif 50/50

Following the Weinstein case in 2018, the organisation “Le Deuxième Regard” (founded in 2013 by French film directors Céline Sciamma and Rebecca Zlotowski), became the Collectif 5050×2020. Founded by a rich and wide-ranging network of film and audiovisual professionals, 50/50 takes its first action at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018 by gathering 82 international female film personalities on the red carpet. Led by Cate Blanchett and Agnès Varda, together they climbed the steps of the Palais des Festivals to denounce the glass ceiling which continues to impact our industry : 82 is the total number of female directors who have been selected in the Festival’s competition for the Palme d’Or prize since its first edition in 1946, vs. 1.688 male directors.

Structured as an action-tank, 50/50 is firmly committed to fight for the implementation of greater equality, parity and diversity throughout the sector. 50/50 draws up studies, develops actions, creates tools and offers a wide range of incentives to public authorities and various actors of the industry with the aim of accelerating the process of change.

Key messages :
● “We believe that the distribution of power within the industry must be questioned.
● We believe that the implementation of greater parity reduces power imbalances within the industry”.
● “We believe that the implementation of greater diversity profoundly impacts and changes
systems of representation”.
● “We believe that it is vital to seize this opportunity to fight for equality and diversity as we are certain that extending the field of power will promote a deep renewal of artistic and cultural creativity/innovation”.
● “We have decided to lead the “battle of numbers” as a lever to raise awareness and increase the visibility of the issues that are presently and crucially at stake, but also as a channel for thought as we wish to produce ideas, solutions and opportunities”.