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Scott Bourne's Exhibition of Short Short Stories and True Tales


Scott Bourne is an American writer who has spent the best part of the last decade in France. Championed as the “dark genius of skateboarding”, Bourne was one of the most celebrated personalities in the hard-edged San Francisco scene due to his relentless assaults on walls, ledges and transitions of all descriptions. Yet in 2004 Scott decided to leave America for Europe and soon his talents outside of skateboarding became apparent as he gained renown as a travel writer and poet.

Today Scott lives in Paris, very much detached from America and the world of skateboarding. Furthermore, he exists in a way that distances him from all the trappings of digital technology, mass media, viral marketing, and the artificial shrink wrapping of the 21st century. Instead he sits alone before a typewriter, working, revising, and thinking.

Following in the footsteps of fellow American authors like Hemingway and Henry Miller, who were drawn to live in Paris, skater, poet & photographer Scott Bourne has called the French capital his home for a number of years now. Known to many in the skate community for his raw & creative skating, notably for Consolidated in the 90s, his outspoken views and full ‘black arm’ tatttoos, Bourne has always stood out from the crowd.

Join us for his first solo exhibition at Mi* Galerie.

For more information go to www.miground.net

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