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Shift: A Graduate Degree Exhibition by Paris College of Art

Shift tight

Shift is the graduate degree exhibition of the Paris College of Art students completing their MAs & MFAs in Interior Design, Fashion Film & Photography, Photography and Image-making, Transdisciplinary New Media, and Design for Social Impact and BFAs in Fine Arts.

BFA Fine Arts

Use The Other Door

With Paris as its extraordinarily rich cultural setting, the PCA Fine Arts Department promotes the development of artistic skills, the expression of creative processes, and an informed awareness of how art practice intersects with current visual, cultural and societal concerns. Students gain a strong foundation in the artistic tradition via both established and new media, thus enriching their capacity for communication and expression as a whole. The curriculum balances a full investigation of traditional media: drawing, painting and sculpture, with extensive explorations in video, installation, performance, photography and digital imaging. The new focus program in the junior year allows students to choose a 2D, 3D or 4D orientation. Elective courses in other departments open students to new and different methods and processes. Interdisciplinary practice provokes students to pursue and develop individual artistic modes of inquiry.

Exhibitors: Annelies Schubert, Archie Chekatouski, Mary Smith & Mina Asgari

MA Fashion Film & Photography


A one-year program with a specific focus on fashion, aimed at emerging photographers interested in specializing in fashion. Professional practice of fashion photographers today increasingly includes film, so moving image is taught alongside. The proposed MA meets the demands of an expanding market for fashion advertising through storytelling in photography and film, using social media and capitalizing on the ability to reach large audiences at a reduced cost through online marketing. Many young fashion brands rely entirely on films distributed online, and festivals devoted to fashion films, like the one pioneered in Paris by Diane Pernet, and this phenomenon is doubtlessly growing. Students with an undergraduate background in photography and demonstrated technical skills (black & white and color photography, light, common software programs for editing) are also considered for admission.

Exhibitors: Alexandra Hehlen, Alexandra Mavros, Anna Iermolaeiva, Layza Mendes, Amanda Macchia & Sahil Lodha

MA/MFA Photography & Image-Making

Walk And You Will See A Lot

Focuses on new types of visual storytelling: still image, moving image, and multimedia, with a curriculum that emphasizes new media and transdisciplinary skill sets, and understands photography as a hybrid and emerging art form. The program explores digital image-making as a force and it is designed as a practice-based and process-oriented program. Based on the intersection of visual phenomena, new media, critical studies, and creative production, the program offers a unique blend of studio practice, and theoretical and art historical training. Students who pursue the program at Paris College of Art have the potential for connection-building while they are still in the program.

Exhibitors: Louis Nderi

MA Interior Design

Shifting Perspectives

A one-year program aimed at emerging designers and conceived to provide them with the necessary tools and skills to become professionals in this field.

This program prepares students to meet the demands of an expanding high-end residential and commercial property market in capital cities around the world.

Students with an undergraduate background in architecture and other design related fields are particularly suited for this program. A demonstrated ability to draw and sketch, knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and CAD software programs, as well as a strong portfolio of selected projects, are criteria for admission.

Exhibitors:  Carla Amaya, Laura Kelly, Laszlo Csizinsky, Marta Gawronska, Steph Muwangi & Yasmine Amish

MA/MFA Transdisciplinary New Media

Beyond The Dot | MA / De-fault | MFA

Designed for those who are interested in exploring the wide-ranging creative field of New Media that goes beyond traditionally defined art and design disciplines. This program employs methods of transdisciplinary practice through collaborative teamwork. Through a shared creative process, students re-frame their current understanding of different tools, technologies, theories, and methods, developing hybrid systems and solutions that go beyond any one discipline.


(MA)  Lara Kalecik, Ofo Obuobi, Rachel Lack & Tara Astari Kasenda

(MFA) Dami Kim, Hela Al Sharkas, Joe Johnson, Khadija Toor & Zimasa Gysman

MA Design for Social Impact

Change Through Design

Paris College of Art joins forces with MakeSense in this one-year Master’s program (MA) in Design for Social Impact that equips citizen designers with the practical know-how (design thinking methods, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills) to successfully lead design projects that will bring positive societal changes. The guiding question for this program is: How can design change the world? Each academic year students work with faculty and partner organiations to research and design a solution to a societal problem. Previously, students have worked on issues as varied as refugee integration through sports, socially-conscious fashion, alternative monetary systems through Blockchain, edible and compostable food packaging solutions and Basic Universal Income.

Exhibitors: Brittney Anais Niño de Rivera White, Jacqueline-Faith Charles-Etuk, Jonas Brinkhoff, Namrata Tiwari, Samuel Bendriem, Sarah De Herde, Sophia Sherman, Valentina Llorente & Vongai N. Ruzive