Experimental Drawing

Experimental Drawing

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Dates: June 11, 2018 — June 22, 2018

Experimental Drawing

Level: College, Graduate, Young Professionals

In this course, you will develop a basic knowledge of contemporary drawing through an experimental approach, attending demonstrations, workshops, field trips and studio sessions. We will dissect Paris through the lens of drawing: its distinct urban energy, the storied clichés, the rich art and food cultures. We will also incorporate a personal narrative to visually understand  your personal relationship to the city, while improving your core drawing technique and building your portfolio.
Museum visits, visiting lectures by professional artists and hands-on assignments will create rich research opportunities to develop a strong artistic practice and sketchbook.

So what makes this course experimental? You will be taken out of your comfort zone when being confronted with time
constraints, large-scale drawing challenges, new techniques and media, real world settings and deeply personal drawing projects. In an ever-evolving media landscape, you will confront drawing in an evocative and modern way, using social and new media which can easily be shared, and evolve into a solid creative practice. At the end of this two-week course, you will have got out and about in Paris, engaging with the city in a whole new way.

Non Credit | 1,500 €     Credit | 2,000 €

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