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Student opportunity : Vacant Museum call for submissions

VAcant Museum 2

Freshly launched, the Vacant Museum was created by university students with a strong will to gather a large community of artists and creatives. They aim to redefine the museum experience in an attempt to make sense of the new interactional patterns between artists and their audience brought by digital technologies.

Pushing the boundaries of traditional galleries, the Vacant Museum online-only exhibitions’ rotate seasonally and themes are broad so they can be interpreted in as many ways as can be. They also display an ongoing exhibition, Full Moon Reflections, which is to be updated every month and will gather art work created while observing the full moon.

The Vacant is now preparing for several upcoming shows including Spring Cleaning, a project exploring the art of letting go, and Wall, a show that will confront the issue of border walls in today’s world. In this regard, they are calling for submissions from artists who seek an opportunity to spread their work to a worldwide audience.

You will find all the instructions to submit your work here : Vacant Museum Call for Submissions

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