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Study Abroad in New York

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In this post, Leyla tells us about her activities in school and her observations of the weather and surroundings.


This month was an introductory time for entering the second semester. This semester is focused more on non-traditional, digital design and prototyping. We already had several projects that were very research-based. The teachers expected us to use our imagination to the fullest and create something more on the fictional side, which helps in creating a striking and more vivid design.

This is the coldest month of the year in New York. People try to find cozy places to stay warm and spend time with their friends. This is the time when people are crowding into the exhibitions, pop up shows, theaters and other warm places like coffee shops or small cafes. One of my favorite places is right next to Pratt. This is a pie shop called ‘Petee’s Cafe’, they have the best pie in Brooklyn and a big variety of it. The big advantage of this place is the interior, of course. The place is full of plants and warm colors, and around noon the sunlight hits this place with its warm rays, so that you instantly feel  better. Me and my friends meet there often to do our projects together and, of course, to get the perfect cherry pie.


February is the month where the weather changes every day. One day it is sunny and frosty, the next it is cloudy with heavy rain but in the end, you get a reward. After a day of rain, the sunset is exceptionally beautiful, just like an Expressionist painting. When you watch it you can see how it is continuously evolving. Every minute counts because the colors of the sky keep flowing around and transforming into new colors.

February is also Black History Month. At this time, Pratt holds different talks and welcomes many speakers with different careers: illustrators, graphic designers, fashion designers, architects, etc to share their professional journeys, show their way of thinking, their style and discuss the future of design with them. I went to a couple of talks and it was an interesting experience to hear the different experiences of designers and how they cherish their traditions and apply their cultural background to their practices.

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