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Tippit Festival in Berlin - Apply to be a Student Presenter!

Tippit Festival

Where does creativity come from?

Is it defined by rules and preconceptions, or does it have an everchanging definition at the top of our imagination? Tippit is a gathering of creatives from various disciplines, founded by a handful of students from the University of Applied Sciences Europe.

Passion, curiosity and a will to experience new perspectives inspired us to create Tippit, a new forum where we can freely learn from each other. But where could we find all these naïve feelings and a sandpit to build our castle?

Welcome to the playground. A place where we can swing from one idea to another, where we can learn from each other to climb higher ropes, so we can all feel the excitement as we rise higher until we’re at the tip of the mountain and we slide down to feel the wind on our faces, our own creative space.

Here, we are free to build, destroy and run around screaming. Here, we want all of you from different creative disciplines with different perspectives to show us your way of building castles. Whether to join you in building them or to join you in destroying them to make room for new ones.

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