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Watch Remy Bourganel's PCA Talk on Emerging Diachronic Systems in Design Practice


On September 15, 2015, PCA Talks presented Remy Bourganel who spoke about the impact of emerging diachronic systems on design practice.

Listed as part of the top 10 most influential French designers in the digital field, Remy Bourganel has worked for Apple/Ircam, Mitsubishi Electric Telecom, Samsung and Nokia. Currently, Remy is the Big Data User-experience (UX) Research and Innovation Director at Orange, after being Orange Vallée’s Head of UX, and the Founder/Director of SociableMedia (2009-2015), a Research Program at EnsADLabs.

Summary of the Talk:

Product/services with embedded digital systems have become diachronic meaning in permanent transformation while in use. This is also true for connected objects that develop through usages and embedded learning systems.

Design as a project grounded practice that defines ‘finished products’ is therefore transforming to engage with the design of ‘evolving experience systems’ where, on one hand, principles, logics/systems and ethics become central and, on the other hand, execution develops through a series of short cycles.

Learn more about Remy Bourganel here.

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