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What does the Photographer of the Future Need?

Les Rencontres de la Photographie Arles 2017

At Les Rencontres d’Arles 2017, Viewbook Transformations, YET magazine and Arles Cosmos teamed up for a brainstorm and discussion on the future of photography. Who is the photographer of tomorrow? What are the needs of the photographer? Do current learning opportunities meet the needs of the photographer? If not, what is missing? These are some of the questions the discussion group aimed to find an answer to.

Chair of Photography Klaus Fruchtnis participated in this brainstorm, stressing that talking about transdisciplinary instead of interdisciplinary collaboration is more empowering for the photographer. A transdisciplinary approach transcends; an interdisciplinary one simply integrates. “A good photographer, artist or creative thinker will be the one who can work in a transdisciplinary way”.

Read the full article to discover what conclusions were drawn and what new issues and questions emerged.

The brainstorm session in Arles was the first of a series of discussions that Transformations is looking to facilitate. This time the umbrella question was intentionally wide to help map a broad range of topics. Transformations are looking forward to staying in touch with the network and to digging deeper through further sessions and research in order to distill some answers for this and the future generation of photographers. In the meantime, they are looking to keep the conversation active and invite you to help re-think photography with them. If you have ideas, comments, platforms for discussion, don’t hesitate to contact them at:[email protected]