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Nona Griffin PCA Alumna is finalist in Blurring the Lines - 2021 Edition

Nona Griffin
© Nona Griffin, PCA Class of '21

Beyond its unique way of making visual information, photography has become the universal medium through which image-makers raise essential questions on human ethics and responsibility. Since its invention, photography was a decisive factor in gestating and deploying a new way of observing, representing, and understanding reality and with it ourselves.

Ethics and photography are two terms that seem distant in the first instance: the first a foreshortening of philosophy, the second an activity sustained by a technological artifact. Photography can ask questions about the ethics of the world, but more likely, the world can ask questions about the ethics of photography. Faced with an overproduction of images by all means and possibilities, today more than ever is vital to distinguish what is significant and pertinent from what is purely aesthetic. This call brings to the fore the theme of the education and responsibility of seeing. To face a world where images dominate the stage,  not only codes of ethics, quality standards but also critical reading and discernment skills are urgently needed.Klaus Fruchtnis, Chair of Photography


Winners, finalists and mentions

Blurring the Lines is happy to announce the winners and finalists of the 2021 edition selected by the curatorial team and guest curator Amak Mahmoodian. For the this edition, we received 156 high-quality projects from 39 participating schools worldwide; the curators selected 3 winners, 33 finalists, and 14 special mentions.

We congratulate the winners Raúl Armando Jiménez, Irina Dmitrovskaya and Cora Sun Yuting.


A special acknowledgment to finalists: Daniel Court, Mirre Wijnja , Rick van der Klooster, Dafna Amira, Vaghinak Ghazaryan, Pavo Marinovic, Antonia De Noronha, José Guilherme Costa, Hasan Sarbakshian, Pepijn Zuiderveld, Camilla Marrese, Nurul Sabrina Shahbuddin Elman, Suzannah Olanrewaju-Gabriel, Delovie Kwagala, Valentina Soto, Anna Gajewszky, Isha Gahlot, Rohini Bharti, Guy Glasberg, Shina Tser-Shiuan Peng, Nona Griffin, Tyler Dehaarte, Ilya Nikitin, Polina Rukavichkina, Assaf Hinden, So-Jung Yoon, Alex Harbich, Jana Rothe, Gemma Carosin, Ranji Mangcu, Austin Cullen, Olo Komenda, and Milah van Zuilen, their work will be published in the catalog.

And, the special mentions that will be included in the activities of the educational program throughout the year: Mark McGuinness, Yarení Aguado, Saja Quttaineh, Adrien Baratay, Naomy Guzman, Gunnhildur Helga Katrínardóttir, Brahim Tall, Lujza Hevesi-Szabó, Maria Kniaginin-Ciszewska, Lina van Hulle, Seung-Jin Ryu, Cynthia Lühr, Alysha Magro, and Angel Romero.

This project is made possible by the kind support of FOTODOKUrbanautica InstituteEuropean Cultural CentreFaservice, and Paris College of Art.

We hope to see you for the opening of the catalog presentation on November 19-20, 2021, during the 3rd International Conference on Photography and Education at the European Cultural Centre in Venice.