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"Meaning in the Making": 4th International Conference on Photography and Education


The European Cultural Centre, in collaboration with Paris College of Art, Urbanautica and FOTODOK, will host on November 19, 2022, the 4th International Conference on Photography and Education centered around the program Blurring the Lines and aiming at fostering talents, graduates works and academic dialogue worldwide.

Streaming online from here:

This year’s event focuses on “Meaning in the Making.” Nowadays, thanks to the power of social media, we see a considerable amount of images that look alike. Either they are taken in the exact same locations, have a similar visual narrative, or depict identical subjects. But in the end, what makes the difference is the meaning that photographers tend to convey with their work. For the 2022 edition, the theme « The Meaning in the Making » aims to potentially distinguish “meaning in a photograph” from “meaning through photographing.” Making an image is an entirely different experience —it requires skill, knowledge, and the experience of knowing what you want from a setup before you even put the viewfinder up to your eye. The art of making images takes a life span to understand.

Blurring the Lines was started at Paris College of Art in 2016 with the aim to promote students’ graduation research work, get international recognition, and contribute to an academic dialogue. The past selected projects have shown a different expansion of modes of representation through photography. A change that indeed refers to the digitization and the frontiers of post-production, the contamination between other visual languages, the relationship between the availability of technology and new forms of expression.
Coming to its seventh edition, Blurring the Lines has collaborated with various international institutions to promote dialogue and research around the production of images and its cultures through exhibitions, international conferences, books, students’ meetings and talent scouting activities.

14h00 – 15h00: Round Table “Meaning in the Making”
Moderator: Klaus Fruchtnis
Matilde Biondi Morra di Belforte (Art market specialist and events consultant),
Baptiste Lignel (Photographer and educator), Rocco Venezia (Visual Artist and Curator at PhMuseum)

15h00 – 15h15: “Launch of the Blurring the Lines catalog” by Steve Bisson

15h15 – 16h00: Round Table “Strategies for visualizing the invisible” – ONLINE session
Moderator: Ragna Arndt Maric
Marco Loi (Italy), Manuel Alejandro Beltrán Zorro (Colombia), Nikita Yusman (Singapore), Weronika Perłowska (Poland), Allen Thomas (India)

16h00 – 16h45: Round Table “Emerging talents and challenging perspectives”
Moderator: Elena Volpato (ECC Italy)
Olivia Morris Andersen (Sweden), Katerina Motyleva (Ukraine), Joeri Boelhouwer (The Netherlands), Jaka Teršek (Slovenia), Beatrice Corsini (Italy)

16h45 – 17h00: “Institutions are looking for meaning in making” by Lisanne van Happen / FOTODOK (The Netherlands)

17h00 Conclusions & final thoughts (Klaus Fruchtnis & Elena Volpato)