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Call for Entries: A' Design Award & Competition


The A’ Design Award & Competition is now calling for entries for 2016!

As a leading international competition for design, the A’ Design Award & Competition aims to give recognition to best designs, design concepts, and design-oriented products worldwide across all creative disciplines and industries.

Not only does the A’ Design Award aim to give recognition to excellent works of design, it is also an interactive platform for designers and clients to meet, innovate, collaborate, and create. Through the A’ Design Award and Competition, designers can pitch their winning ideas to different companies, and similarly, companies can bid and make offers on the designers’ creations.

A world of fame, international recognition, and publicity awaits all A’ Design winners given the coveted A’ Design Prize, which will culminate at the A’ Design Gala Night and Exhibition in Italy.

For this annual competition, a panel of esteemed professionals, experienced academics, and prominent press members from around the world will judge the entries.

The entry deadline is February 29, 2016. Results will be announced on April 15, 2016.

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