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Careers and Alumni Talk: Vongai Ruzive

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Vongai Ruzive, ’19 PCA alumna and fashion designer, joined PCA Careers and Alumni Talk on the 25th October.

Ruzive focuses on inclusivity in her industry. In addition to her brand, after graduating from PCA, she now works at a fashion technology innovation lab in the 19th arrondissement of Paris where she works with startups who share the same vision to disrupt the industry through technological solutions such as augmented reality, machine learning, 3D printing etc. Check out Vongai Ruzive’s vlog! Visit Vongai Ruzive’s websites here & here!.

Ruzive offers the PCA community this personal message:

“Hello! For those who attended the Zoom call on 25th Oct, I hope you enjoyed the presentation & are inspired to begin your own journeys. There are many options out there within just one field that you can take so I encourage you to take as many opportunities/internships as you can and then eventually you can see what you are more skilled or interested in proceeding with. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions regarding entrepreneurship in Paris, starting your own fashion brand or working in the fashion tech world and I would be glad to respond! f you ever want to visit the fashion tech lab that I work at, let me know!”