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Communication Design Class of '21 Keiji Ishida on Collaborating with Apple

©Photography Class of '21 Jamie Finnegan

Communication Design class of ’21 student Keiji Ishida recently designed two windows for the flagship Apple store located on Avenue de Champs-Élysées. The window designs mark the opening of the new Apple store, and the constant collaboration between Apple and young artists. We sat down with Keiji to talk to him about his experience collaborating with Apple.

Why did you want to work with Apple and did it live up to your expectations?
Actually, Apple reached out to me by email and that’s how I got the job. I questioned the creative director how they found me, and she said, “we found your work thanks to the magic of the internet!” And yes, it actually went beyond my expectations! I thought it was only going to be shown on the windows but my work will be used for other purposes.

Has this influenced your thoughts about your career?
Possibly. I am still in the process of exploring other creative outlets but I really hope this will get me to other illustration jobs.

What did you gain from this experience?
Opportunity to showcase my work commercially and meet all the great artists! But most importantly, I gained confidence in my creativity and I hope to continue pursuing this as part of my artistic career.

Have you met other artists through working with Apple?
This project involved sixteen artists including myself and we recently had a get-together party and I met all the collaborators (Parisian artists) including the Apple team! I will keep in touch with them for future projects and such.

Join us this Sunday, November 18, 2018 at Apple Champs-Élysées for the grand opening of the new store as well as a live art session with Keiji and the other fifteen artists!

Follow Keiji on Instagram: im_keiji

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